A unique opportunity to…

A new, high-profile and exclusive networking event in the canals of the capital: a festive start to MASTERS SUMMER EDITION, on the way to the National Summer Drinks in Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam. MASTERS HQ offers you the unique opportunity to participate in the MASTERS BOAT PARADE on Thursday, June 20, 2024. Book your spot now! BOOK […]

Strak Studio heralds spring in a stylish way

Sleek Studio

Spring is in full bloom and that means it's time to breathe new life into your outdoor space. Need some inspiration? Strak Studio's Spring Experience Days on April 5 and 6 promise new collections, culinary delights and inspiring discoveries. The Strak Studio signature stands for distinctive, timeless design […]

Green pioneers with a vision for a sustainable future join forces

On Earthday, chefs Emile van der Staak, Luc Kusters and Niven Kunz present on the plate how they envision the future of gastronomy. As masters of vegetable cuisine, they join forces on this special day - when attention is drawn to a healthy and sustainable planet. Pioneers in their field […]

Five (still) undiscovered hiking trails

It's spring! Say goodbye to the dark days, the gray weather and the rain and hello to the sun, terraces and beautiful flora and fauna that the Netherlands has. Reason enough to take out your walking shoes and take a trip to nature. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and [...]

GASSAN raises a glass to friendship with the new Friends Gem

Last week a group of ladies took a seat at the table at HOUSE of GASSAN. What was the glass raised to? Friendship. GASSAN 121 is launching a new, sparkling gem: the Friends Gem. GASSAN 121 is a unique cut. Building on the 57 facets of the classic round brilliant, GASSAN 121 shines with 64 additional facets; 16 […]