Holy Grail in stamp land disappears under the hammer

Get your stamp book ready for a phenomenal addition. At least, if you want to dig deep into your pockets. The holy grail among stamp collectors, the ''One-cent 'Z' Grill from 1868'', will soon disappear under the auction hammer. Expected to be the most valuable American copy ever. Bill Gross, a 79-year-old investor and fund manager, is best known as […]

An artistic example of innovation


The BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA recently made its debut. A fine example where BMW's color-changing technology merges with the artistic mind of Esther Mahlangu. The design, which features parts that can be electronically animated, showcases advances in vehicle coloring in collaboration with E Ink. On February 29, the BMW had its world premiere at the Frieze art fair in […]

This is the happiest country in the world

In honor of the International Day of Happiness on March 20, the World Happiness Report is presented every year. A ranking of countries where people are the happiest in the world. Ambition for a happy life? You have to be in these countries. World Hapiness Report, the annual report with the happiest countries that […]