Messi's story started with a napkin

Soon a very special piece of paper will disappear under the auction hammer. A napkin that paved the way for the career of none other than Lionel Messi. The artfully daubed sheet contains the promises of a contract between the young Messi and FC Barcelona. According to the auction house: 'One of the most exciting objects [...]

Bloy Institute opens a new branch in Eindhoven

Good news for all southerners: Bloy Institute opens a new branch in Eindhoven. From April, Southern beauty lovers can come here for all signature treatments from skin queen Lindsay van de Looij and a drive to Amsterdam is no longer necessary. But of course for the beauty of the city and the Amsterdam Bloy Institute. No long […]

Terrace season officially opened: these new additions are worth a visit


Many of us are tired of endless downpours. The sun seems to beckon more than ever. Now that the temperature finally seems to be reaching double figures, MASTERS officially declares the terrace season open. In any case, these brand new hotspots are eager to welcome their guests. These are the newest must-visit terraces […]

The latest addition from Monique des Bouvrie

It is perhaps the country's best-known interior designers, Monique des Bouvrie. The interior design queen is also no stranger to Maretti Lighting, so the two joined forces and the Noctornals totem lamp saw the light of day. MASTERS shines the light on this new creation. Monique likes to use the power of light and shadow in her work […]