French shipping company is building a green cruise ship

The zero-emission cruise ship was developed as part of Ponant's Swap2Zero program and is expected to be launched in 2030. The ship combines more than six technologies for emission-free cruising. Something that, in their own words, has never been done before in the industry. For example, the eco-cruiser, which has an impressive 181 […]

These are the most valuable celebrity homes

Recently, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made headlines when they secured a villa in Malibu for a paltry €185 million. However, there are more among the 'rich and famous' who have beautiful homes; from real pizza rooms on Lake Como to tennis courts on the Pacific Ocean. MASTERS puts together some of the most […]

Auction gem: 'handbag' the size of a grain of salt

So small that you can't even put your car keys, phone or – let alone – your well-filled wallet in this bag. Would you like to use it as a decorative piece for your cupboard? It also becomes a bit difficult... The yellow-green designer bag is microscopic. Yet it changed hands for a huge amount of money. Who […]

This is how designer brands celebrate summer

Beach clubs that are transformed into pop-up boutiques, hotels that are transformed into true designer hotspots and beaches that turn 'Jacquemus yellow'. Many fashion brands are going all out this summer to introduce fashion fanatics to their new collections in an original way. Dior renames Beverly Hills Hotel Dior kicks off its Dioriviera Summer Capsule 2023 on […]

Ode to Freddy

The history of Heineken and De L'Europe goes back to the early twentieth century, when the hotel was purchased by Henry Pierre Heineken (1886-1971) and two friends. The second director of the beer brewery saw it as a nice place to receive and accommodate business relations. Shortly after the Second World War, the Heineken company […]

Car Report: the last howl of the Jaguar

Can the day start better than when you are presented with the keys to the most extreme Jaguar F-Type ever at the entrance of the brand new Maybourne Riviera hotel, which overlooks all of Monaco? We don't think so. Certainly not with the knowledge in the back of our minds that after a beautiful drive through the hinterland of [...]

Celebrate summer with AperiTOZI

Taste the new TOZI summer menu This summer, chef Giacomo Tasca will take you to authentic Italy. Expect a menu of fresh dishes and seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers. By using fresh ingredients, embracing the local culinary scene and discovering new suppliers, TOZI aims to offer a refined dining experience where tradition […]