A world opens up for you here

The suites of De L'Europe Amsterdam invited you to experience high-profile brands in peace and quiet. Contemporary world travelers could visit the ExperienceTravel suite to gain inspiration for a unique, tailor-made trip, the exclusive crystals from the Reyen Rocks suite sparkled towards you, the sound of [...]

On the Amsterdam Amstel

I have forever pledged my heart to the Amsterdam canals... The water is of course inextricably linked to our capital. Lengers Yachts, LEKKER Boats and Hytender made the water in Amsterdam a bit more beautiful VIEW ALL PHOTOS Lengers Yachts LEKKER Boats Hytender VIEW ALL PHOTOS


During the VIP Night, more than 1.100 festively dressed relations attended the surprising evening in Amsterdam. An unforgettable evening where creativity, exclusivity, enjoyment and connection were central. VIEW ALL PHOTOS VIEW ALL PHOTOS

There in the corridors…

Connecting decision makers, inspiring each other, toasting each other and doing business; that's what the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION is all about. During these three special days in June, unique encounters took place... VIEW ALL PHOTOS VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Every child deserves attention

The city is home to 150.000 children. That is the age up to and including 18 years. 1 in 5 of these children live in poverty. Poverty is another word for a shortage of money, love and perspective. That is now 20% and that is always too much. We have to do something about this together, you cannot [...]

Ladies among themselves

Ladies with charm and influence took a seat at the table in Brasserie Marie on Friday afternoon for the exclusive Leading Ladies Lunch. It was a summery culinary spectacle in a relaxed and authentic Côte d'Azur atmosphere, where CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries, celebrities, influencers, top athletes and newsmakers met. VIEW ALL PHOTOS VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Gentlemen among themselves: The Gentlemen's Lunch

On Friday afternoon, June 23, prominent gentlemen took a seat at the table in the Trattoria Graziella restaurant for De Heerenlunch. We toasted to a wonderful start to the summer in a relaxed and lively authentic Italian atmosphere. VIEW ALL PHOTOS VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Thank you Friends of the House

Was it a fair? Was it an event? Was it a festival? Was it a conference? Was it a party? Was it a networking event? We do not know that. Above all, it was fun and meaningful. Various premium brands presented their novelties at MASTERS SUMMER EDITION. VIEW ALL PHOTOS Lengers Yachts Lengers Yachts is more than fifty […]


MASTERS SUMMER EDITION transformed Amsterdam's most iconic hotel into a true fairytale from 21 to 23 June. This new three-day summer experience took place in De L'Europe Amsterdam. In the heart of the capital. The ambitious (international) plans for MASTERS SUMMER EDITION 2024 will be announced in December during 'the big MASTERS'.