Exclusive snaps

From emotional portraits to mystical landscape photography, photographer Bastiaan Woudt is known for capturing 'monochrome minimalism' at its best. The brand new book Rhythm the Collection contains 18 selected works from Woudt's oeuvre. A true must-have for art collectors and photography enthusiasts. Inspired by grandmasters such as Man Ray, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon and without […]

Living like in New York: The Mayor Amstelveen

“I can't wait,” says Addy Onstwedder. She and her husband Lucas Hoogduin bought one of the luxury apartments in the former office building, now The Mayor. For years the couple lived alternately in Amsterdam, New York and Berlin. The 'New York feeling': that is what the former office building exudes on all sides after a thorough renovation. Thus new […]

In conversation with Jasper Livius

The Netherlands has many top entrepreneurs who take BV Nederland to the highest level; craft, passion and mastery play an important role in this. MASTERS regularly talks to these Masters. This week a conversation with the founder-owner of industrial design agency Kappennow Amsterdam: Jasper Livius Functional “From an early age I have been making things with my […]

Clothing brand joins forces with Amsterdam designer

Next time you might think twice before you decide to throw those three-quarter length pants in the trash. During Milan Design Week, the Italian clothing brand Colmar announces that it has joined forces with the Amsterdam designer Kees Dekkers. The result of the collaboration: a high-quality piece of sustainable [...]

5x gadgets for on board

You don't want to miss the boat when it comes to the latest gadgets on the market in the world of yachts. From futuristic tenders to submarines. MASTERS shares some of the latest high-tech toys for on board. Amphibian Tender If you really want to make an entrance into the port where you have made your reservation, this […]

Most billionaires live in these cities


The Netherlands now has a 47-member nine-zero club, a record. Yet there are cities that have more inhabitants with billions in the bank in 2023. Forbes surveyed the world's super-rich and ranked the cities with the most billionaires. These five cities are teeming with them… According to Forbes' World's Billionaires List, there are 2.640 […]

Back in time with the Rolex Submariner

Since 2021, GASSAN has not only offered watches from the current era, but the family business has also entered the world of pre-owned. The pre-owned collection contains unique watches from exclusive brands, with a primary focus on Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Today the Rolex Submariner 1680 is central; watchmaker Richard from GASSAN […]