In conversation with founder A/N/G Skincare Anouk Geurts

For years, Anouk Geurts worked abroad for several luxury skincare brands. But Anouk lacked transparency, because what do you actually put on your skin? This is where her entrepreneurial journey began. She now shows with her A/N/G Skincare that luxury and organic products go hand in hand, without compromising on results. MASTERS went into conversation with the [...]

Meet: superyacht on rails

Flying is becoming increasingly expensive. To still get from A to B quickly, the train is a good alternative. In order to still be a bit comfortable during your trip, a French designer designed a very special concept. MASTERS introduces you to the G-Train, or super yacht on rails. This futuristic [...]

Most victories Formula 1

With a fine victory by Max Verstappen in Bahrain, the new Formula One season has officially started again. Before we get ready for the next Grand Prix scheduled next Sunday, MASTERS takes a look back at the past: which drivers have the most wins to their name in a single season? 4. [...]

Auction gem: royal get well wish

While clearing out the attic, a couple from Warwickshire, England came across an unusual bill. The text on letterhead from Buckingham Palace reads, "Dear Grandma, I am sorry you are ill. I hope you will be better soon'. The auction gem went under the hammer for thousands of euros last week. The letter that [...]

Compact & catchy

Cell phones are getting bigger and better. But ... where do you put it? That's especially true for ladies. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 brings a solution. "The size is half the size of my normal phone and just fits next to my lip gloss, car keys and earphones in a small crossbody bag. Really super nice!" "It's always a struggle: [...]

BMW XM: groundbreaking power SUV

BMW has ignored the league of super-SUVs for years. Yes, at the level just below it, the brand dominates with models like the X5, X6 and X7. But now there's the XM: insanely strong, as desired also hearty efficient, moreover the car they should start worrying about in Italy. A powerhouse like the [...]

Inside Valley: Restaurant Nela

Restaurant Nela recently opened its doors at Valley on Amsterdam's Zuidas. Behind the new hospitality formula are internationally renowned chefs Hari Shetty and Ori Geller. Nela means pure and precise, and that is exactly what both chefs want their restaurant to reflect in all areas: from gastronomy with honest [...]

Throwback to Restaurant M*

Pop-up Restaurant M*, led by curator Carsten Klint, is the most talked-about gastronomic concept in the Netherlands. At MASTERS EXPO 2022 it accounted for a record 54 Michelin stars. It was the only place where all the great top chefs - 34 in total in 2022 - celebrated the joy of their profession together. Shoulder to shoulder, evening [...]