Madonna's new home

The queen of pop is back: after years of bouncing between New York, The Hamptons and Lisbon, Madonna has decided to buy a multi-million dollar villa in Los Angeles from fellow artist The Weeknd. And that for just under 19 million euros. MASTERS takes a peek inside…Text: Mical Joseph Image: Realtor.comThe Weeknd bought the brand new mansion about four […]

Spoiling the senses: an eye on the environment

More and more companies are paying extra attention to people, the environment and society. The overarching goal is to maximize the contribution to sustainable development. Read along and be inspired by these innovative developments. Online editorial: Natasha Hendriks Floating Farm More and more people live in the big cities. So it seemed to Peter van Wingerden […]

Finnik's only way is up and this is why

In The Only Way Is Up, MASTERS introduces the world every week to startups that are reaching the world with a groundbreaking product or service. In this section, the founders of startups share their success, entrepreneurial tips and vision for the future to inspire you. This week it is the turn of the startup Finnik, which […]

Wine from higher realms

If you think you've already tasted most wines from every corner of our planet, you probably haven't heard of Chateau Pétrus Pomerol yet. This wine has spent part of its maturation process in a very special place, as this wine has been on board the space station ISS for more than a year. […]


MASTERS selects 3 must-sees that you should not miss this week. Lose yourself completely in the blood-curdling series Kalifat, watch the brand new documentary GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack or immerse yourself in the world of the legendary sex club Yab Yum.Text: Fleur de Jong GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack This brand new documentary was released last week […]


Mother's Day is just around the corner and that means you can put the spotlight on your mother for a day. And of course that starts with breakfast (in bed). If you prefer to sleep in, surprise the most important woman in your life with a culinary dinner. With these boxes from star restaurants, […]


Marcel Boekhoorn is CEO of Ramphastos Investments NV. The born and bred NEC supporter is also the owner of Ouwehands Zoo and has an interest in more than thirty companies with a combined turnover of 5 billion euros. Text: Jaap de Groot Image: NEC Nijmegen What does the NEC shirt mean to you? Marcel Boekhoorn: “Very […]