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The power of InteriorMX InteriorMX is the perfect solution for collaboration between architect and interior specialist. As a team of high-end solutions and far-reaching innovation within interior design, this enthusiastic group has jointly delivered many leading projects. A team of interior experts who show you the possibilities and opportunities. They know what you are talking about, they can [...]

Art Gallery 11M

Art that touches you The art collection of Art Gallery 11M distinguishes itself thanks to a passionate pursuit of perfection. The focus is on art that makes you happy, contemporary art that can be used in all interiors - colorful, natural, abstract. Lothar Vigelandzoon is represented by Art Gallery 11M because his sculptures are among the highest […]

Voorma and Walch

The real estate agent in the Gooi With 84 years of experience and five different branches, Voorma en Walch Makelaars in the Gooi is the real estate agent in the garden of Amsterdam, as the office calls the Gooi. A team with only the best specialists works closely together, because living is after all tailor-made. Everyone has their own specific […]


Unique terrace board With Millboard in the Netherlands, AlterWood offers the alternative to composite and hardwood for the outdoor area. There is nothing as beautiful as the look of a natural wood grain, but such a floor is often accompanied by many disadvantages. Millboard is different. Years have been invested in perfecting an alternative that is just as […]

Rep. Ringel

Music as inspiration Driven by music with a golden edge. Rep Ringel is a Dutch artist who paints to music. His exclusivity consists of raw, abstract and unpolished paintings of large formats with special finishes of 24-carat gold. The colors used mainly consist of natural tones with traces of gold, silver and bronze. Take a look here […]

Van Beem

Outdoors all year round Van Beem is the expert who ensures that you can enjoy the outdoors for four seasons. The products that can achieve this are a canopy and a swimming pool. A canopy to stay in your own outdoor space all year round and a luxurious swimming pool to [...]

Spanish Dream Homes

Spanish Dream Homes Are you looking for a Dutch-speaking purchasing agent for a dream home in Spain? Then you have come to the right place at Spanish Dream Houses. Whether you are looking for a beautiful holiday villa for yourself or a good investment, Spanish Dream Homes, located in Spain, is ready to assist you with a professional team. Through […]

Co van der Horst

Interior that fits the spirit of the times In times when we spend more and more time at home, this requires a multifunctional design. A balanced, hospitable and protective living environment to spend our free hours with family and friends, but also to work comfortably. For this presentation, Co van der Horst has […]


Scent sensations Zaluti is an international brand that produces high-quality scent systems. These 'Made in Holland' systems provide your home, office or other space with the most beautiful scent experience you could wish for. The professional and fully automatic scent systems are manufactured with artisanal precision and are suitable for rooms up to 500 m3. All exclusive and high-quality home perfumes are […]


Bright colors This creative, professional and energetic artist is now an established name in the Dutch art world. In 2019 he signed an exclusive contract with a record company, for which he designs all single and album covers for well-known deejays. Since then he has broken through as an artist in the music world. He shares his passion for album covers by creating […]